Divorce and Separation

Exploring the myths and explaining the facts

Cost of Divorce
Cost of Divorce

Divorce is one of those topics that everyone thinks they know about. From horror stories of their work colleague who got “taken to the cleaners” to celebrity divorces in the news or even your own experiences closer to home, people are full of advice and “facts” about what someone should do and how the process works.

The reality is often very different though. Each divorce or separation has a unique set of circumstances and cannot be directly compared to any other. Coupled with incorrect terms that are bandied around, changes to the law and misinformation, the potential for people to be caught out when splitting up by trusting in what they have heard is immense.

This website provides an opportunity to check out the facts and dispel the myths surrounding divorce and relationship breakdown.

All families and marriages are different – it is therefore essential that you take professional advice before acting on any of the information that you read on this site.