Step-Parent Myths

Effects Of Divorce On Children

Myth “Will I have to pay maintenance to my wife even though I have proof she is co-habiting in our house. She denies she is. I have had a private detective watch the house. He is on a good salary and she gets approx. £2200 a month £1000 from the government, £650 from me for … Read more

Residence and Contact Myths

Myth “I cannot take my child on holiday without a Residence Order.” Myth “I want custody of the children and for my ex to have access” Myth “If I get divorced, my wife will automatically get custody of the kids.” Myth “The court will not commit someone to prison for breach of a residence or … Read more

Divorce and Maintenance Myths

Effects Of Divorce On Children

Myth “My child lives with his mother, my ex-partner. I have to pay financial support via the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission.” Myth “What you pay in maintenance for a child is linked to how often you may see them. That means when no child support paid there is no contact.” Myth “Once a child … Read more

Grounds for Divorce Myths

Divorce Rights

Myth “Assault requires you to physically hurt the other person or to be hurt by them.” Myth “I can divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences.” Myth “I’m not committing adultery as I formed the relationship after we separated.” Myth “We can just divorce on irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. We don’t want to say … Read more

Divorce and Separation Myths

Divorce Rights

Myth “Been married a year. Marital home was my home for 11 years prior to marriage and deeds are in my name only. Husband has his own property owned outright. If we were married for a long enough period of time and then divorced, my husband would be entitled to a share of what was … Read more

Cost of Divorce Myths

Cost of Divorce

Myth “Our divorce is very amicable and we don’t want to involve costly solicitors.” Myth “There is no way of keeping the cost of divorce down or taking control of some of the costs myself.” Myth “I want to divorce my wife on the basis that we have been separated for two years. Therefore, I … Read more