Children and Divorce Myths

Myth “I may be getting divorced from my husband, I have a child pior to our marriage, and am currently pregnant. Can he fight me for custody of my child who came from another relationship, and who has no relationship with the father? and can he fight for custody of the child who has not … Read more

Bankruptcy and Divorce Myths

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Myth “My husband and I have separated and he is going bankrupt. However, I have been told I will get the house as I have our young children to bring up.” Myth “My husband was declared bankrupt before we separated. We still own the family home jointly so I risk losing it in order to … Read more

Annulment Myths

Myth “I have been married for four years. The marriage has never been consummated as I refused to have sex with my husband, so I can get an annulment.” Myth “We’ve agreed between us to apply for an annulment. It will be quicker and less hassle than a divorce.”