Residence and Contact Myths

Myth “I cannot take my child on holiday without a Residence Order.” Myth “I want custody of the children and for my ex to have access” Myth “If I get divorced, my wife will automatically get custody of the kids.” Myth “The court will not commit someone to prison for breach of a residence or … Read more

Divorce and Maintenance Myths

Effects Of Divorce On Children

Myth “My child lives with his mother, my ex-partner. I have to pay financial support via the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission.” Myth “What you pay in maintenance for a child is linked to how often you may see them. That means when no child support paid there is no contact.” Myth “Once a child … Read more

Children and Divorce Myths

Myth “I may be getting divorced from my husband, I have a child pior to our marriage, and am currently pregnant. Can he fight me for custody of my child who came from another relationship, and who has no relationship with the father? and can he fight for custody of the child who has not … Read more